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The Most Decadent Denim I've Seen All Year! SRGB by MEFIVER

MEFIVER srgb denim architectural art design best printed denim
OMG have you ever seen denim look so opulant? Let me rephrase the question. Have you ever seen denim sans embellishments look so opulant just from the print alone? I haven't. This is a first. In a sea of clean indigos, bright colors, coated finishings and monochrome prints across the majority of brands, the patterns and prints from startup company MEFIVER's denim line called SRGB is Ah-May-ZING! And quite frankly, a breath of fresh air.
SRGB is a brand spanking new denim line (literally launching this week) that makes an art out of creating surface effects and textures that are rich, flamboyant and decadent. I haven't seen the jeans up close yet, but the colors in the lookbook photos are so saturated that before I read the description, I just assumed they were embellishments or that silks/satins were used for certain items. Like that sick collarless jacket (above). Want. It. Now!  
Fun facts for denimheads; to get the vibrancy, the process consists of crocking for color retention and a digital garment wash. I don't know what a digital garment wash is, but it sounds proprietary and quite interesting. Fun facts for the patriotic; everything is made in the US from domestically-sourced materials which is great for the economy. And last but not least. Fun facts for the eco-conscious; the process is environmentally-friendly, using a fraction of water, chemicals and energy used in traditional indigo jeans.
Now for the good stuff. Usually when we think of architectural details we imagine structured silhouettes, lots of angles and neutral colors. But in this case, architectural details are interpreted in a more literal fashion and the patterns remind me of cathedrals, gilded frames and concrete (concrete in an abstract sense). In fact, the women's collection is described as being inspired by "clothing patterns and blueprints". But the most important part is, they manage to accomplish so much detail without being over-the-top and the styles are so wearable. Personally, I already have a look in mind for the gold leaf jeans (above left). I'm thinking, a black sheer high/low wrap top I bought from ASOS (see similar). You can get a glimpse of it at DenimHunt on Instagram. Not the best picture, but ehh.  Add some sick Giuseppe Zanotti pumps I found on SSENSE (left). Maybe I'd even throw on a white boyfriend blazer and some Daniel Espinosa jewelry. Orrr, maybe I'd just keep it simple with a white tee, platform chucks and jewelry from Gorjana & Griffin. Hmm, decisions, decisions. What do you think? 
The brand is so new that I don't have stockist info or price points yet, so watch this space for updates.  
In the meantime, scroll down to see more images from their debut collection.
UPDATE: The collection is now available at www.shopsrgb.com. Prices range from $199 for jeans to $359 for a jacket.
MEFIVER srgb denim architectural art design best printed denim


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