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Paul Marciano Designed an AMAZING Capsule Collection for GUESS

Paul Marciano for GUESS


Paul Marciano briefly took a break from his executive role to design a capsule collection for Guess and reminded us all why he's an icon.

I don't often rate the collections I preview, but Guess' latest collection is at the top of my list as one of the most exciting I've seen...in a very, very long while. I kid you not when I say I shrieked with excitement when I walked into the showroom (there are witnesses). 

On display was a denim jacket with matching jeans artfully streaked with neon paint spatters. Next to it was an equally amazing set blinged out with gold, silver and pearl embellishments. White denim was a canvas for beautiful hand painted florals so thick you could feel the brush strokes. I wish I could transport you into the room so you could see and feel the level of detail with your own eyes. It's extraordinary, especially coming from global brand.

As I oohed, ahhed and gawked over these pieces, I prayed to the denim gods that this is the beginning of a new and more creative direction in the denim industry. And wouldn't it be fitting for one of the godfathers of denim, Paul Marciano, to show us what can be done when we take the limits off. I can't wait till fall. 


Guess jeans designed by Paul Marciano
Guess denim vest with bling designed by Paul Marciano
Guess jeans designed by Paul Marciano
Jeans signed by Paul Marciano of GUESS

Painted Guess jeans designed by Paul Marciano

Painted Guess jeans designed by Paul Marciano
Painted florals on guess jeans designed by Paul Marciano

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