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  Cult of Individuality Fall embroidery and rip and repair jeans

I visited Cult of Individuality in their New York showroom and although I've known of the brand for years, I'd never seen it up close. I can say for certain, I have been missing out. 

We are long overdue for a shakeup in denim. Sure we've seen color here, some florals there and a mom jean or two over the past five years, but for the most part minimalism has dominated. Trends, no matter how fun or cool, just don't seem to have a lot of staying power. Sure there are a few exceptions, but for the most part dark skinny jeans still dominate. Whether this is the consumer's reluctance to fully adopt changing trends or brands' fear of innovation I can't say. But what I can say is that previewing Cult of Individuality's Fall collection was a sharp reminder of what we are all missing out on.

The mens' and womens' collections were equally as bold with distressed gray denim and 'rip and repair' being the dominant theme throughout. Every brand has a standout piece each season, but in this case there were showpieces among a variety of standouts. Those were coated denim jackets and jeans with embossed studding, ripped jeans repaired with colorful printed fabrics and seams sealed with a waterproof coating. Jeans deconstructed to shreds were reinforced with cotton plainweave guaranteeing no exposed flesh among the tears and some of the most interesting and indescribable fabrications were used in jackets and jeans. 

Scroll down to see a few pieces from this amazing collection...



This jean jacket could be a collectors item with it's rip and repair front and relatively 'clean' back with emblazoned embroidery.

Cult of Individuality embroidered artwork on back of jean jacket




This amount of work that must have gone into creating this denim jacket is almost betrayed by the evenness of the color. The jacket has a light coating and is embossed with studding details all over the back, collar and sleeves. The fringe in the back adds even more character to this amazing item.  
Cult of Individuality black denim jacket with embossed studding



Details like this shouldn't just be limited to jackets. A pair of matching jeans completes the look. 

Cult of Individuality coated denim jeans black with embossed studs



Surprisingly, indigo wasn't the dominant color in the collection. Gray had equal footing among the blue with artsy, bleached out effects 
Cult of Individuality gray jeans with bleached out effects



I'm an advocate of seeing denim in more than just a five pocket jean. Denim shirts and dresses are some of my favorite items to talk about. This plaid shirt with bleached out effects shows that we have yet to see what can be done with them and it's nice to see a brand attempt to push the boundaries.
Cult of Individuality bleached out plaid shirt



For those people yearning for something new, but reluctant to step outside of their comfort zone, a denim shirt that replaces the buttons with zippers is simple and unique. 
Cult of Individuality denim shirt with zipper closure



100% cotton dip dyed plaid tunics are off the rack wearable and sure to extend the plaid trend just a little bit longer. 
Cult of Individuality dip dyed plaid tunics



Ironic tees have had their moment. Maybe it's time for ironic jackets.
Cult of Individuality Ironic jacket



Some interesting fabrications were used in denim jackets and jeans. What looks a light gray from a distance upon closer inspection reveals thick indigo and natural yarns interwoven together. Black and white paint spatters add even more interest to this interesting jean.
Cult of Individuality

Cult of Individuality
Cult of Individuality



For men rip and repair was combined with paint splatters, embroidery, fancy stitching and bleached out treatments for some interesting effects.
Cult of Individuality shredded gray jeans
Cult of Individuality shredded gray jeans




These jeans were most like the destroyed jeans of the early aughties, but white plainweave cotton was sewn behind the tears to keep skin well-hidden.

Cult of Individuality shredded jeans



These ripped jeans repaired with patterned cloth were my favorites of the collection and will be favorites among those that are looking for something beyond the sewn on patches and embroidery that's currently trending. The one below also has a waterproofed seam. 

Cult of Individuality rip and repair jeans
Cult of Individuality rip and repair jeans
Cult of Individuality rip and repair jeans



I'd seen a similar denim jean presented as a sample at BPD Expo and wondered if it would be adopted and so it has. Not only is this jean hiding a surprise inside but it is fully reversible. 

Cult of Individuality reversible plaid jeans
Cult of Individuality reversible plaid jeans

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