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London Fashion Week's Most Eccentric Denim Trends for Fall

London Fashion Week fall 2016 over the top denim trends
A. F. Vandervost, Moschino, Fyodor Golan, House of Holland, Marques Almeida


London Fashion Week has always been New York's more eccentric cousin and denim is no exception. Although it wasn't as ubiquitous there as it was in New York, it certainly made an impression with some standout styles that often walked the line between showmanship and wearability. 


1. Color

When it came to color the motto must have been go hard or go home. Neon brights, already a standout on their own, were further enhanced with unique three-dimensional effects and allover sequins for maximum in-your-faceness.    

london fashion week fall 2016 colored denim trends
Moschino, Ashish, Mary Benson


2. Embellishments 

If color went hard, than embellishments were a close second. Designers took on an anything goes attitude adding as many details as they could fit in. In the most extreme cases, like with Fyodor Golan, a pair of jeans was transformed into a work of art. But even simple lettering was emblazoned on a jumper in bold red like a hotel sign from the heydays of Broadway. The most relatable, and wearable, was Victoria's Beckham's take with it's hippy dippy floral embroidery. 

LFW Fall 2016 embellishments
Fyodor Golan, House of Holland, Victoria by Victoria Beckham


 3. Fringe

Let this end any doubts you may have about fringe being a viable trend. In London, there were few shows with denim that didn't feature some sort of fringe detail. Of course tops and bottoms were the usual suspects with unfinished hems and necklines, but it also turned up in some unusual places like ruffles and corsets. Sort of like a detail within a detail. 

LFW Fall 20166

Marques Almeida, Natasha Zinko, House of Holland


 4. Ruffles

Who would have thought we would be able to talk about ruffles and denim in the same sentence, but London designers made it happen. A flurry of them (pun totally intended) could be found in varying incarnations from flamenco-inspired ruffles along seams to a simple ruffle on the end of a skirt. Ruffles are not the most versatile detail and have a short shelf life in the trend cycle, but there was enough variety on the runways to start taking this trend seriously.

LFW Fall 20167

Fyodor Golan, A.F. Vandervost, Marques Almeida

 5. Wide Legs

Wide-legs jeans were a key trend on the New York and have been for a couple of seasons, but they haven't been nearly as much fun as what London has to offer. Details were magnified to the extreme with allover sequins, oversized houndstooth and stripes making an appearance. The most prevalent detail was fringe which designers often placed anywhere they could find a seam.

LFW Fall 2016 wide-leg jeans
Ashish, Natasha Zinko, Marques Almeida, Mary Benson
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