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Iggy Azalea's new video for "Team" featuring Ariana Grande has been trending like crazy and her denim clad dancers pay homage to the '90s with their fierce styles. Check out some of the looks that pay direct tribute to the throwback decade. 


1. Sky Blue Jeans

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Sky blue jeans were a hallmark of '90s denim and were the go-with-everything color similar to the dark indigo jeans of today. Sometimes the jeans were so pale that the indigo was no more than a tint. 



2. The Hoodie

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Hoods existed before the '90s, but they didn't get their famous moniker until then when they became a streetstyle staple. It wasn't uncommon to see a person wearing a hoodie under a denim jacket. Some brands merged the two creating denim jackets with fleece sleeves and hood for a denim jacket/sweatshirt hybrid. 



 3. Oversized Denim Jackets

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Denim jackets that look too big now were actually normal-sized in the '90s. It was common to see people pairing these oversized jackets with a pair of baggy jeans. Canadian tux, you say? Uh Uh. There was no shame in their game.



4. Rolled Up Sleeves

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Denim jackets were worn big back then which often meant the sleeves were too long. This was especially true for women. So what's a girl to do? Roll them up of course. 


5. Do It Yourself Denim Shorts

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You didn't pay for holes in the '90s. They came with good old wear and tear. And when the rips got out of control, scissors helped to put them back in line. Denim shorts ranged from knee-length to thigh-length and were almost always homemade. 


6. One Button Jumper

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Farmer-style jumpers were huge in the '90s. The most popular way to wear them was with one shoulder unhooked. But some intrepid wearers wore both sides unhooked with the straps hanging down the back and the bib hanging down the front. A belt kept the look above the waist. 


7. Cropped Baby Tees

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When baggy jeans and jackets are the norm, a girl has got to do something to exert her femininity and so the baby tee was born. Most girls now will think of it as no more than a regular t-shirt, but in the 90's these belly-baring tight tees were perfect for adding a touch of femininity to dominant masculine streetwear trends. 

Watch the full video below... 


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