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 Jeancare, GUESS, moisturizing jeans with scent


Performance apparel, formerly the sole territory of activewear, has become new and conquerable territory in denim with a few intrepid brands attempting to break ground with various technologies. Odor-resistance, moisture-wicking and other attributes are gaining considerable buzz, but Guess’ recent launch of their Jeancare collection has caused the biggest stir to date.

Jeancare is a limited-edition denim line that promises to moisturize your body and relax you with a mixture of vitamin E, gingko extract, lavender and chamomile infused into the denim. I was able to get my hands on a pair of the Jeancare high-rise jeggings and it was one of the more unique experiences I’ve had wearing a pair of jeans. That’s saying quite a lot since I own a lot of jeans. But basically what started as a one day review turned into a week long experiment.

Day 1: My package came in the mail and I realized I’m a little too excited considering how many pairs of jeans I own. So in order to reduce any anticipation bias I may have had, I set the box aside determined to reclaim my objectivity. Yeah, that lasted about 4 emails. I opened the package and was immediately taken aback by the sweet scent of lavender. I mean it is absolutely divine. I searched inside the box looking for a sachet and was completely flummoxed when I found it empty. It was then I realized the scent was coming from the jeans themselves. I was so focused on the moisturizing properties that I completely forgot they were scented as well. BONUS!

Before putting them on I rubbed them inside and out trying to see if I could feel any treatment, but they were dry as a bone. No lotion residue to be found. They did, however, feel quite nice to the touch. When I finally put them on I noticed right away, that although it’s a pull-on style like a legging, the stretchy denim is deceptively sturdy. They were a size too big for me, but I was actually pleased with the fit which was more like a cigarette leg. It allowed me to cuff the hem, invert it or just let it bunch up at the ankle, all ways in which I wore it throughout my week long experience of wearing them.

Day 2: I took a shower in the morning and forgot that I wasn’t supposed to put on lotion. I wanted to see if the jeans would moisturize my skin for me, but old habits are hard to break. Especially in a morning fog. No matter. It’s not like I haven’t worn the same jeans on consecutive days before so there’s always tomorrow. I struggle a little to find a top to go with them because I don’t normally wear sky blue jeans and the panels on the side complicate my shirt options, but after some trial and error I find several tops that work.

Although my plans of testing out the moisturizing properties went bust, after my first day in them, I can report that they are incredibly comfortable and I was super impressed by the quality of the denim. Jeggings aren’t normally the most durable jeans on the market because of the high amount of stretch in them, but Guess managed to create an incredibly solid pair of jeggings that will definitely hold up to wear and tear.

Day 3: After a quick shower I remember not to put lotion on. Feels weird. Like not putting on deodorant. I get dressed in the jeans again and go outside. It’s freezing. Like, I want to turn back around, wrap myself in furs and wait till summer type of freezing. I’m not feeling so confident about my decision not to put on lotion. Dry skin and cold weather are a bad combination and I’m worried my skin is going to crack. This actually happened to me once a long time ago when I forgot to put on lotion which is why I’m nervous about duplicating the situation. If there was ever a case for a pair of moisturizing jeans this was it.

As the day wore on my paranoia decreased and the fact that I didn’t put on lotion was completely forgotten. I returned home pain free and with my skin firmly intact. To be specific, my skin wasn’t dewy as if I’d put lotion on. There was no distinct feel of some emollient being released on my legs. But having had completely dry skin and a pair of jeans rubbing on them on day in the freezing cold, my skin should have at least been ashy. It wasn’t. My skin actually felt how it feels after lotion has been applied and dried. I decided to wear them again just to make sure.

Day 4: Okay so yeah, after two days of no lotion my back is starting to feel cracked but my legs feel fine. Also I just realized that all those times I was struck by a pleasing scent and wondered what it was, it was actually the jeans. Somehow I’d forgotten once again that they were infused with scent. Since I’m now four days in I decided to go ahead and wear them the full week or at least until they became ripe. We’ve all experienced sweaty jeggings -especially when they’re coated. After multiple wears between washes the smell can get pretty bad. I was curious to see how the scent would hold up to that kind of attack.

Day 5 - 7: This part of the experiment would have worked better in the summer. Since it’s so cold, I haven’t even come close to breaking a sweat. I contemplate going for a jog in them, but dismiss that idea as stupid. Because it was. However, after a week there should be something. Be that as it may, I’m picking up nothing but lavender in my daily sniff test. Honestly, I can hardly detect any trace that I even wore them. It’s like getting a new car and the new car smell lasting longer than it should. I also notice that as the week goes on the scent seems to be getting stronger. I smell it constantly now and it is really wonderful. I wish I could bottle it. I wonder why that is. Maybe it gets stronger from friction or maybe as your body oils seep into it, it inadvertently makes the scent more prominent. Who knows? It definitely wasn’t in the description, so if it’s unintended, it’s a pleasant side effect for sure.

After the seventh day I decided it was time to draw the experiment to a close and throw the jeans in the wash. Actually, I sent them out to be washed to save time. When I got them back they’d shrunk a bit, which is to be expected, but the fit is still very good and more like a skinny jean (see above). The scent is not quite as strong as it was, also to be expected, but it still lingers.

The Verdict: I’d say these jeans aren’t going to change your skincare regimen. You still have to lotion up if you want smooth and soft skin. But wearing a pair of moisturizing jeans with vitamin E can only add to your skin’s overall health. However, if you’re having one of those days when you’re pressed for time and want to shave a few seconds off your morning routine by not putting on lotion. Or if you’re running late and skipping the shower becomes an option (you know you’ve done it at least once…or twice) and you want to take a preventive measure against b.o., I can tell you without a doubt that these jeans will definitely save the day.  

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