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Breaking Down Yeezy Season 3

Yeezy Season 3. Kanye West, T.L.O.P
Why so serious?

So it seems like everyone who wasn't at Madison Square Garden watched the Tidal livestream as Kanye debuted Yeezy Season 3. Only Kanye would put together a Guinness World Record-sized listening party and call it a fashion show, because let's be honest, that's what it was and there's nothing wrong with falling back on what you know.

Kanye was very casual in a red shirt with the words "I feel like Pablo" and was not the blustering egoiste we've come to know. Instead what we saw was a thoughtful musician who seemed genuinely excited to display his latest work. Believe it or not, the way Kanye spoke to the crowd was so intimate at times you almost forgot it was in a world famous arena. That is until the Taylor Swift dis. And the Ray J dis. And the Kanye song about Kanye where I'm not sure if it was an old Kanye dis or a new Kanye dis. Oh, and lets not forget his pronouncement of one day becoming the creative director at Hermes. You can't keep a good egoiste down.

As far as the fashion goes, if you've come to expect something different from Kanye other than the walking dead on a runway we've seen the last two seasons, you may or may not be surprised.


Yeezy Season 3 kanye west debuts new collection at Madison Square garden
Body Stockings are still part of the program.


Kanye West debuts Yeezy Season 3 at NY Fashion Week
Homeless chic in the form of tattered sweatshirts are also still part of the program.



Yeezy Season 3 on Tidal
Is Kanye trying to draw attention to the plight of refugees through art? One
can only guess as he spoke more about the inspiration behind his music than
the inspiration behind his clothing. As a matter of fact, he didn't mention it at



Yeezy Season 3, Kanye West, MSG
Models were told not to smile, but did they have to look so damn tragic?


Yeezy Season 3 T.L.O.P.
I know it's been two hours but guys it's almost over.



The Life of Pablo Kanye West, Yeezy Season 3
Now this girl's just bored. Or maybe she just heard Kanye dis her girl Taylor Swift.
Oh no he didn't?! Oh yes he did!



Yeezy Season 3, T.L.O.P. Kanye West
Bored or not these girls had no qualms about taking a seat after two hours of standing. I don't blame
them. Heels hurt. Period.



Yeezy Season 3
I don't know what this guy's excuse was.



Yeezy Season 3 debuts at Madison Square Garden
But Kanye was cool with it because you know he would have gone ape shit
otherwise. Plus we got a good shot of the new Yeezy's.



Kanye West at Madison Square Garden
Speaking of Kanye, if he wasn't wearing a red shirt we would have lost him in
the hundreds of people that make up his entourage. I mean seriously, who
has that many friends?



Kanye at MSG Tidal
Just in case you were still looking.



Yeezy Season 3
Kanye left his usual moody wardrobe behind and the same goes
for the collection. Although by most standards it was pretty
subdued, for Kanye it was a riot of color.


Yeezy Season 3
A pure panoply



Khloe Kardashian, Kim, Kendall Jenner, Yeezy Season 3, Balmain
And let's not forget the Kardashian-Jenners. They shone like sparkly
candelabras in a dusty room, looking more like Liberace then the refugees on
display. Their ostentatious outfits were designed in collaboration with
Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing. Which begs the question -why would you
promote another designer at your show? Shouldn't they have been in head to
toe Yeezy? Oh well. *Kanye shrug*

Yeezy Season 3
This guy gets an honorable mention for trying to outshine the other models.
If there was a camera nearby, his face was in it. In his defense he did give
good face.



Yeezy Season 3, Naomi Campbell
But no one outshines Naomi. The supe was greeted by loud cheers and turned
out to be the real star of the show. In defiance of Kanye's format, Naomi
looked glamorous in a floor-length fur coat and peacocked as only she can
do -a feat when you have to remain in one place. 



Naomi Cambell modeling Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden
And she knew it.



If not for the venue and the release of his new music, the entire thing would have been underwhelming at best. It looked exactly like what it was -a musician arrogantly falling back on his craft in an industry he's unfamiliar with. Having models stand in formation but giving industry folks no opportunity to walk around them and view the craftsmanship misses the point entirely.

Kanye's show was an argument for more traditional fashion week formats and would have benefitted had he either had the models walk the runway or put them on display in showrooms in a more intimate setting. But then, it's not like any of these garments are runway ready anyway. Other than adding some color it was pretty much more of the same. And there's nothing more to say about that.

I guess the only real question is, how long are we going to give this circus attention? NY Fashion Week is starting to turn into Kanye Fashion Week for all the buzz he gets. I do think Kanye can grow as a designer, but that would mean not surrounding himself with yes men or people who serve to confirm his self-described genius. If he's just doing this for the sake of art as he claims, then I say whatever tickles your pickle. However, if his intention is to become a marketable brand that sells, then he may need to come down to Earth and make clothes people actually wear. You can hire me Kanye. I promise to say 'No' often and adamantly.

Last, but not least, do I think he'll ever be the creative director of Hermes? No. But I also didn't think Kim would ever make the cover of Vogue. 

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