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Popular Swedish Retailer Lindex is the Latest to Adopt Sustainable Denim



Lindex Better Denim
image courtesy of Sportswear International



Popular Swedish retailer Lindex is the latest brand to promote sustainable denim with their Better Denim Initiative.


About a decade ago, the denim industry, on a high from the popularity of premium denim, was handily brought low by implications that the manufacturing process was less than environmentally friendly. Since then the industry has made incredible efforts to revamp elements of denim manufacturing in order to reduce their environmental impact. Cotton Incorporated's "Blue Jeans Go Green" campaign, Levi's with it's Water>Less range and G-Star RAW for the Oceans are just a few well known efforts that have resonated with consumers and set the standard for the industry to follow. Now, according to Sportswear International, one of Sweden's largest high street retailers Lindex, is the latest to make sustainability a priority with the launch of it's Better Denim collection

In the interview that followed, Lindex Sustainability Manager Sara Winroth described that their goal is to produce 80% of Lindex products sustainably by 2020. So far they have managed to save up to 45% water, 30% chemicals and 27% energy in denim production. They also work hand in hand with their suppliers to help them develop more sustainable processes such as pesticide reduction, as opposed to setting standards the suppliers may not know how to accomplish.

With a hands on strategy such as this one, a goal of 2020 is not unattainable. 

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