Siwy Denim for Spring 2016
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Claudia Li's Spring 2016 Collection Features the Most Elegant Use of Denim You Can Imagine

Claudia Li, high fashion, denim, indigo,
Claudia Li incorporates denim and indigo into runway ready styles

Only two season's in and Claudia Li is making her presence known with the most elegant and posh use of denim since denim became a fixture on the runway.

Instead of taking denim and updating it into more high fashion silhouettes, Li uses elements of denim and indigo dye to add distinct details and texture to her minimalist designs. Light blue denim fabric peeks through unfinished weaves to create a striping effect that is blurred and plays tricks on the eye. Another signature detail is the use of a light indigo-dyed fringe that weaves conspicuously in thick ropes in and out of tops and outerwear. Even though the focus is on the details, she still manages to slip in denim shorts and tops that could be industry game changers. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next. More importantly, I'm looking forward to seeing how many others follow her lead.  


Claudia Li, denim, spring 2016, runway, looks
Light blue indigo-dyed denim peeks through deconstructed weaves.

Claudia Li, spring 2016, high fashion, denim

Claudia Li, denim, spring 2016, jeans, fashion
Distinct use of fringe woven in and out in thick ropes

2015-12-09 12.05.54
2015-12-09 12.05.54

Claudia Li, accessories, handbags, clutches, spring 2016
Oversized clutches worthy of a design award...or two

2015-12-09 12.07.32

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