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Levi's Creates a Field of Jeans out of the 49ers Football Field

Levis Stadium Field of Jeans
Levi's Stadium - Home of the San Francisco 49ers

Two weeks, 18,850 pairs of jeans and 1 football stadium -those were the components used to create Levi's "Field of Jeans" at the Levi's Stadium in San Francisco. 

The project was a joint venture between Levi's and Goodwill in an effort to raise awareness for recycling and keeping used clothing out of landfills. This effort alone kept 12 tons of textiles out of landfills which reduced CO2 emissions by 175,000 pounds. According to Levi's, that's the equivalent of driving roundtrip cross country from NY to San Francisco 36 times. Crazy. 

Read more about the effort at Levi Strauss Unzipped.

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